Ventera’s History

Three principals, each with over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing small wind turbines, solar hot water systems, solar PV systems and high performance glazing systems, teamed together to form Ventera Energy Corporation January 1st, 2004 with the goal of designing, proving and manufacturing an all-new wind and solar hybrid renewable energy system that would be the first ever cost effective small wind system for the moderate wind regimes where most people live.

The designer, inventor and President of Ventera Energy Corporation, Elliott Bayly, a Duluth MN native, received his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from M.I.T., Master’s Degree from Stanford University, and a PhD from the University of Minnesota. His extensive experience not only included the design of the Ventera 10kW Wind Turbine but also included design and manufacture of the WhirlWind line of 1000 to 4000 watt wind generators and the Whisper line of 500 to 4500 watt turbines sold to  Southwest Windpower.

After 3 years of design, prototyping and field testing, Ventera Energy Corp was proud to present to the world it’s all-new 10 kilowatt VT10 Wind Turbine in 2007, with exclusive taper leg self-supporting tower and the first ever dual wind and solar input, dual peak power tracking 12 kilowatt VI12 Synchronous Inverter.

Ventera Energy Corporation ceased operations in July 2011 and the technology was purchased the Managing Directors of North Coast Wind & Power, LLC, an Ohio based company and Ventera Wind, Inc. was formed in September 2011.

Ventera Wind, Inc. has spent countless hours in research and development to improve the VT10-240 Wind Generator and launched production of the VT10PH3 Wind Generator in March 2012.  The improved durability, performance and longevity of this machine will keep the Ventera legacy alive as being the lowest cost, highest quality 10kW wind turbine manufactured in North America.

Sadly, Elliott Bayly passed away in January 2012, but his legacy lives on.

In wind regimes having 12.5 mph-5.5m/s or better average wind speeds at 30 meters (98 feet), we have achieved our goal of a 10-year  payback for many if not most potential users.