Product Specs

Ventera Wind Farm

WIND TURBINE – Model VT10-240

RATED POWER TO GRID: 10 kW at 29 mph (13 m/s)
ENERGY PRODUCTION: Click here to see charts of the Energy Production and Output of the Ventera.
CUT-IN WIND SPEED: 6 mph (2.7 m/s) propeller running
SURVIVAL WIND SPEED: 130 mph (55 m/s)
CONFIGURATION: Downwind, free yawing, 3 blade, direct drive
MOVING PARTS: 5 – Rotor, yaw and blade governor mechanisms
MAINFRAME: Cast 356-T6 recycled aluminum, corrosion-proof
WEIGHT: 500 pounds (230 kilograms)
SLIP RING ASSEMBLY: 4 ring, including grounding, double brush, dual connections
PLACE OF MANUFACTURE: Made in Duluth, MN, USA of US and imported parts


3 BLADE: Downwind 7:1 constant tip speed ratio
DIAMETER: 22 ft (6.7 m)
SWEPT AREA: 380 ft² (35m²)
RPM: 280 peak, 260-280 governor active range
AIRFOIL: FX63-137 modified for noise reduction
TWIST AND TAPER: Optimum, non-linear
BLADE MATERIAL: Glass fiber engineered polypropylene
BLADE CONSTRUCTION: Injection molded


RATING: 15 kVA at 240 VAC at 260 rpm, 3 phase
TYPE: Rare earth permanent neodymium magnet alternator
ANTI-COGGING: Proprietary low wind start-up configuration
CONSTRUCTION: Inside rotating magnets, brushless outside stator with cast cooling fins